For 99 percent of any given broadcast, the color commentator on televised NFL games say stupid things. This is mainly because things are moving fast and the color commentator just has to put in his two cents before the next play comes around.

Other times, though, something hilariously intelligent slips out. This is the case with our favorite announcer from NBC’s Sunday Night Football, Cris Collinsworth. Check it:

After play-by-play man Al Michaels narrates a Fear Factor promo, Cris Collinsworth mutters “No thanks” in a dismissive and jerkish tone.

In Collinsworth’s defense, Fear Factor was so 2004. Sure, it was cool watching people eat bugs for a while, but then other people realized reality TV was more profitable in different genres. But, I digress.

On the other side of the coin, obviously, is NBC, who will host the revived Fear Factor series. Clearly, with a show that died out five years ago, the network needs its crew to read the promo and either show support for the show, or shut up. Collinsworth did neither.

Either way, Collinsworth proved two things to me tonight: 1) He is a loud-mouth who talks before he thinks; this is typical of all sports commentators, and 2) He has great taste. Fear Factor really sucked after the first two seasons, guys. I’m serious.