Stephen Garcia South Carolina

Stephen Garcia is not happy about this, Doug.

Is it just me, or does it feel a little awkward when Doug Gottlieb starts ripping college athletes for their off-the-field issues?

Doesn’t it seem just a little hypocritical when a guy who was expelled from Notre Dame for off-court troubles shreds today’s collegiate screw-ups?

Listening to Gottlieb ride discraced South Carolina quarterback Stephen Garcia on Wednesday’s Scott Van Pelt Show kind of gave me that uh-oh feeling, like when your cell phone starts ringing in the middle of your Final Four picks on national television.

Especially when on that same ESPN Radio show, Gottlieb had just admitted smoking marijuana from a 6-foot bong during his senior year at Oklahoma State (LISTEN TO AUDIO CLIP).

“It’s not like it’s a hardcore gateway drug or anything, it’s marijuana,” Gottliebe said, recalling a conversation he had about the incident with his then girlfriend and now wife, Angie.

All of a sudden Stephen Garcia’s troubles at South Carolina don’t look so uncommon.

“At some point, you figure it out,” Gottlieb said of Garcia, who was dismissed from the No. 15 Gamecocks for breaking a team rule – his fifth suspension at the university.

But unlike Gottlieb, Garcia wasn’t dismissed for getting in trouble with the law, he was cut for failing to meet agree-upon guidelines that prevented him from drugs or drinking alcohol during the season (he is of legal age by the way).

Not that we’re condoning those actions, but at least he didn’t jack a roommate’s Visa and get thrown out of the university his freshman year.

Speaking of which, what Gottlieb failed to mention during that same segment was that during his freshman year at Notre Dame the former Orange County prep basketball player of the year was busted for stealing credit cards from his roommate and fraudulently charging more than $900 – which led to him being expelled from one of the most respected universities in all the country.

Well, Garcia might not get that degree from USC, but at least he has a solid career ahead of him in sports broadcasting.