If ESPN could go 0-for-90 on its predictions for the World Series participants, we figured we BallHyped bloggers couldn’t do any worse their Series picks now that we know who all is involved.

The World Series kicks off Wednesday between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers, and here’s who will win and why, according to the most Hyped.

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World Series Predictions
St. Louis Cardinals vs. Texas Rangers

Brian Greenaway,
BallHyped Blogs/WCBias
Champion: Rangers
Number of Games: 6
Why that team wins: The Cards get Ws in both games started by Chris Carpinter but The Rangers bats are too much for Saint Louis to handle.
What to watch for: Rangers team defense (+27, 6th best) substantially better than Cards team D (-30, 4th worst) and wont gift the Cards as many runs as Milwakuee’s fielders did. Both bullpens are dynamite, both offenses are awesome but Carp is the only swing-and-miss guy in the series (not convinced CJ Wilson is right right now) and in a high run scoring environment I’ll take the team that plays better D (and also runs the bases the best).

Josh Caudill
BallHyped Blogs/JC College Sports Daily
Champion: Cardinals rode the momentum of overcoming a 10 ½ game deficit in September all the way to the World Series, but the Rangers have more weapons and win the World Championship.
Games: 7 games(These teams are pretty evenly matched so I say let’s hope it goes the distance)
Why the Rangers win: The pitching is pretty even but if you look at the lineups, there is just too much firepower for the Rangers. Nelson Cruz won’t hit 6 homers to win these games as Josh Hamilton, Ian Kinsler and company will break out of their mini-slumps.
What to watch for: Nelson Cruz will be pitched very carefully so I don’t expect him to be a big factor, but Josh Hamilton is due as he hasn’t homered in the postseason so I foresee him busting out with a huge World Series and earning MVP honors…he is just too good not to break out!

David Allison
BallHyped Blogs
Champion: St. Louis Cardinals
Number of Games: 6
Why the Cards will win: The Cardinals are the team of destiny. They battled back all through September to make the playoffs and they showed that they have the grit to put away a good team in their series against the Brewers. The Cardinals have the best hitter in the game and a solid rotation.
What to watch for: Tony LaRussa as the x-factor. He has been here before and had success. His substitutions and in-game decision-making are rock solid and he’ll make the key moves that will give the Cardinals the edge.

Carlos Sandoval
BallHyped Blogs
Champion: Rangers
Number of Games: 6
Why?: The Rangers were in the Series before, right? Plus, my favorite color is blue.
What to watch for: The Cardinals apparently have home-field advantage, and I have no idea what that means. But just for baseball fans, I’ll be crossing my fingers for a competitive World Series, which hasn’t happened (apparently) since 2002.

Who do you think will win the Series? Share your picks in the comments below.