Congratulations to our friend Michael Cardano and the RotoExperts/XLog crew for becoming the first BallHyped account to surpass the 1,000-Hyped mark on surpassed the 1,000-Hype plateau on a great post about some talented minor league prospects called up to “The Show.”

And like those prospects, the crew at TheX have some serious skills, so we thought we’d sit down with Cardano, AKA the former owner of MC3 Sports Media and current Senior Business Administrator for RotoExperts and Executive Director of, to get an update on the blog and also get his take on things around the sports world:

BallHyped: Hey Mike, congrats on the 1,000 posts! You are a machine. Your run to 1,000 in less than a year puts Derek Jeter’s run to 3,000 hits over 17 seasons to shame. … Speaking of which, what are your thoughts on Jeter’s situation in New York, his fantasy appeal and how the Yankees should handle the captain given his average is the lowest it’s been since his rookie season in 1995?

MC3: The Yankees have a tough situation with Jeter. They tried to do the right thing in giving him the new contract but it’s something that they will regret over time. Had they simply cut bait with the legend, while there would have been hell to pay at the time, it would have blown over by now. This way the problem is going to linger for 3-4 years and it will be a painful experience for the Yankees, Jeter and the fans alike. If you think it’s becoming awkward now, wait until he gets dropped to 9th in the order and or has to switch positions, platoon or play a utility / bench role.

As for Jeter not knowing much about Fantasy Baseball, I’ll stick to my contention that if you asked him the same question sometime between 1996 and 2009, he knew quite a bit about it then. : )

What sports storyline are you most Hyped about right now in the sports world?

College football is the one that has really gotten my attention. The NFL is indestructible and will succeed in spite of itself so all the news about the lockout and new CBA is just noise to me. In the end, the $9 billion will find a home and they will play. The pressure being put on the college game to institute playoff format is less talked about then the NFL issues however it’s starting to attract the attention of politicians and it’s only a matter of time before college football has a playoff system.

You like writing about everything, even pop culture and How important is pop culture to today’s blogosphere and our sports bloggers who often find themselves focusing on one particular team or sport?

That’s hard one for me to answer because I get to cover all sports / all teams. When you think about it, all I have to do is wake up and the news dictates what I write about. What happens in the world of sports each day dictates who I applaud, bash, make fun of, feel bad for etc. I have much more respect for those who are able to effectively capture an audience by writing about just one team or even one sport. You have to be a lot more creative to consistently be able to post quality content when the “sexy news” to write about is not there on an everyday basis.

As for pop culture, I find that most our readers have interests that go beyond sports and in instances where the topic is humorous or shocking, our readers, sponsors and advertisers all want to hear me opine on the topic or event. From my standpoint, I find it to be a departure from the sports world and fun to do.

What about some other advice you’d have for today’s sports blogger. What can they do to make a name for themselves and grow traffic on their site (besides using and all our great resources, of course!)?

The best way to get noticed is to have your posts syndicated on some of the bigger well known sites. If you consistently post quality content and market it effectively, you can get quite a bit of exposure from them. The other thing one needs to do is be unique. If you are writing about topics that others are writing about too, you have to provide some sort of value that distinguishes what you have to say from what’s read elsewhere. Lastly you need to have some original content, something that no one else has. This will draw traffic your way and also help with the syndication process.

I don’t know how many in the blogosphere know this, but you’re a stock trader by trade, the blogging thing had kind of been a hobby/side gig for you. And you have three boys. Talk about juggling a day job, with the blogging gig (which is powered, as we know, by your passion for sports) and family life, and how you’re able to find a good balance knowing many of us in the blogosphere are in a similar boat.

My situation is quite fortunate. After juggling for quite some time and paying attention to the items above I was fortunate enough to be recognized for my work and turn it into a full time gig for RotoExperts. This is a company that has gained a reputation in the industry the last few

years of being the premier fantasy sports franchise in the industry hosting the 7am -11am drive time slot on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio and having working relationships with the NFL, Yahoo, KFFL and many others. Since we launched our sports blog,, we’ve quickly been recognized by sites like TheBigLead,, DeadSpin and many of the “go to” sites as a prime source of content and the more we write, the more we get recognized.

As for my three boys, they are coming up on 14, 10, and 8 and it’s all sports all the time. 14 tournament baseball games over Memorial Day weekend kicked off the summer and the schedule has only gotten more furious. If I’m not writing or talking about sports for work you’ll find me coaching one of the boys’ teams or driving them to a practice or game. Baseball, basketball, soccer you name it, they play it. With football practice starting every day in August for all three kids, my claim that I live, eat and breath sports will become a literal statement and not a figurative one.

These days I spend my days not only writing but helping run the company in a management roll and being a marketable face of the franchise along with a high profile name in the industry you may recognize from the fantasy sports world, “The King” Scott Engel.

Will there be NFL in 2011?

Yes there will be NFL Football in 2011 and for the 44th consecutive year since a crawled out of the womb I will faithfully root for the New York Jets.

What if there isn’t an NFL season? What does that mean for the sport? What does it mean for us bloggers?

Well, that’s not going to happen, but hypothetically if it did, those with knowledge and talent to be creative enough to cover the lockout will be fine. Bashing the participants and making light of the characters will be all the rage. For those NFLers who have the ability to cover the college game, I would suggest that they do so and who knows, they may come out of the strike finding that they have additional audience that they can effectively tap into going forward. Those who are team specific will unfortunately be casualties of the unfortunate circumstances.

What else has been going on in MC3’s life since we last spoke, you know, when you were BallHyped Contributor of the Year?

As I alluded to earlier, my company MC3 Sports Media was acquired by RotoExperts earlier this year. Coming with me was some of the best talent you’ll find in the industry in critically acclaimed College Football writer Danny Hobrock, NFL Scout Jayson Braddock, and one of the brightest young NFL journalist talents in the business who I’m certain you will hear from for many years to come, Hank Koebler. Also coming with me was Dr. Roto who has teamed up with FSWA Hall of Famer Scott Engel and his wonderful staff of fantasy sports writers and personalities that you hear on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio each weekday morning. Coming to a place that already had a roster of prominent industry heavy weights and such industry respect was a no brainer and enabled all of us from my small company to reach new heights right from the outset.

We have some wonderful things going on at RotoExperts and in addition to the two sites and, going forward you’ll be hearing plenty of us on radio all throughout the country and you’ll be seeing us in the highly visible places on the internet

via streaming video as well. Keep an eye out for us on TV too as we are talking each sports media outlet by storm one by one.

For those BallHyped readers who want to join my 24/7 sports party they can catch me on Twitter @MikeCardano, find me on LinkedIn Michael Cardano, email me at or show up at some boys sporting event somewhere in the US and chances are you might catch me there in person….

Thanks for the time, MC3, congrats on the 1,000 posts … and we might as well congratulate you on being the contributor of the year in 2011, even though we’re only halfway home. Keep up the good work!

- Brian Milne

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