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Matros Already Looking for No. 4

The third time was a charm for Matt Matros. Matros defied the odds last week, winning the 1,604-player, $1,500 no-limit hold ‘em Event 16. It was his third World Series of poker bracelet in as many years, becoming one of the most formidable forces in US poker. To put it in perspective, in the history [...]


Pembertonian Prediction: Look for Pujols to Pummel

As they say, the post-season is all about momentum. But in this case, we have two teams with lots of it. The Cards, who didn’t even figure to make the post-season, soared at the end of the regular season and have been on a roll ever since. Meanwhile, Ranger Nelson Cruz is trying to claim [...]


The Pirates are ruining my plans to be cool

Way to go, Pirates — you blew my plans to look cool.


You see, I had this idea. I was going to get one of those old school, retro, vintage baseball hats, right? But I also wanted to be unique about it. Because, like, that’s where the cool part comes in. If you’re one of, say, a million guys wearing a Yankees hat, that doesn’t show coolness. There’s no rebel streak there.

But if you’ve got your own thing going on, well, then you’ve got it going on, you hear what I’m saying?


Cub Fans: Don't Blame Wrigley

Well, the Cubs suck again. I mean, that’s no surprise from a team that hasn’t won a World Series in, what — a century or whatever. But this year they’re posed to epically suck. Like they did in the 70s, back when you’d see loads of empty seats at Wrigley Field. That’s right. There used [...]

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