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Kwame Brown taught Andrew Bynum everything he knows, says Kwame Brown

Kwame Brown has a dubious history in the city of Los Angeles. In his two-and-a-half season stint with the Lakers, Kwame solidified his label as a draft bust  after the Washington Wizards blew a first-round pick in the 2001 NBA Draft (although that pick turned into All-Star Caron Butler). Dropped passes down low in the [...]


Kobe Bryant is on his way to becoming the Brett Favre of the NBA

Superstars in any sport aren’t without faults. In fact, all superstars in any sport suffer from incredible bouts of narcissism or, at the very least, insane stubbornness. Save for a very rare few, the superstars who can’t come to grips with their declining talent after years of physical dominance in their arena are the ones [...]


No, seriously, Andrew Bynum is close to being as good as Dwight Howard

If there’s one thing Los Angeles fans are notorious for, it’s being the West Coast version of Philadelphia fans. We love our teams with a passion, just like you do, except we are incredibly radical and impatient. We want to win now, and at all costs. Build through the draft or develop young talent? No [...]


Jim Mora, Jr. is putting together a pretty awesome coaching staff at UCLA

Carlos Sandoval is a student at UCLA, which means he bleeds True Blue and Gold. Seriously. Follow him on Twitter: @CarlosatUCLA and check out his UCLA Bruins’ blog, the Sons of Westwood. The UCLA football program has been a pretty funny joke for about a decade now. Since Terry Donahue left, the Bruins have failed to [...]


UCLA Football: We want Chris Petersen

With Rick Neuheisel out as head honcho of the UCLA football squad, names have been popping up left and right to fill the vacancy. Jon Gruden, Mike Martz, Butch Jones, Bob Stoops, Kevin Sumlin and Chuck Norris have all been mentioned as potential candidates. Of course, the sentiment around the Bruin blogosphere is this: Yes, [...]


The NBA is back. Happy holidays, fans

The NBA. Coming soon, December 25. A deal has been reached and 66 games have been saved. NBA bloggers (including yours truly) can return to blogging about how J.R. Smith is a lazy fool and if Andrew Bynum can be a superstar. No longer do we have to mention the word “lockout” in a blog post [...]


Pac-12 Football: UCLA backs its way into Pac-12 Championship game without even playing

Carlos Sandoval is attending the University of California–Los Angeles and, sometimes, blogs about his thoughts on UCLA football and basketball. Please follow him on Twitter. The game UCLA Bruins’ fanatics were dreading and anticipating is now not as important as everyone thought. With losses by Pac-12 South foes Arizona State and Utah to California and Colorado, [...]


Men’s Basketball: UCLA kind of stinks, loses to the Kansas Jayhawks in somewhat-embarrassing fashion

Carlos Sandoval is a first-year transfer at UCLA. He follows UCLA sports voraciously (which is new). Follow him on Twitter. Now that the UCLA Bruins lost to the Kansas Jayhawks in the Maui Invitational, we can go back to griping about how awful UCLA athletics has become under Athletic Director Dan Guerrero. Regardless, the Bruins’ [...]


I guess Cris Collinsworth doesn’t want to watch Fear Factor

For 99 percent of any given broadcast, the color commentator on televised NFL games say stupid things. This is mainly because things are moving fast and the color commentator just has to put in his two cents before the next play comes around. Other times, though, something hilariously intelligent slips out. This is the case [...]


Can Tim Tebow lead the Denver Broncos to the playoffs (and beyond) as an awful QB?

Carlos Sandoval blogs about football and basketball for BallHyped Blogs. He asks you to join him in his quest to chew bubble gum and kick ass by signing up to contribute to BallHyped Blogs. Also, follow him on Twitter. The title of this blog post is a little harsh and should be reconsidered despite the fact [...]

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