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BallHyped World Series Predictions: Share Your Picks

If ESPN could go 0-for-90 on its predictions for the World Series participants, we figured we BallHyped bloggers couldn’t do any worse their Series picks now that we know who all is involved. The World Series kicks off Wednesday between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers, and here’s who will win and why, [...]


Prepare to get Tebowned

Tired of Tebow mania yet? I was going to hold off on the Tim Tebow post tonight, particularly after reading the fine piece by our newest contributor dallison, but then I figured what the heck. Sports fans better get used to the Tebow talk, because the former Gator is going to be headlining SportsCenter and be [...]


ESPN’s Baseball “Experts” Go 0-For-90 on World Series Picks

It’s a tired cliché that gets uttered nearly every time a team wins a league title or advances to a big postseason game: “Nobody believed in this team except for ourselves.” But in the case of the Texas Rangers and the St. Louis Cardinals, that line couldn’t have been more accurate thanks to the so-called [...]


ESPN’s Gottlieb Admits Smoking Marijuana at Oklahoma St., Rips So. Carolina’s Garcia for Same Thing

Is it just me, or does it feel a little awkward when Doug Gottlieb starts ripping college athletes for their off-the-field issues? Doesn’t it seem just a little hypocritical when a guy who was expelled from Notre Dame for off-court troubles shreds today’s collegiate screw-ups? Listening to Gottlieb ride discraced South Carolina quarterback Stephen Garcia [...]


Detroit Lions DE Willie Young’s Fly Fishing Sack Celebration

We’ve seen some pretty unique celebrations from defensive players over the years. Deion Sanders high stepping interception returns into the end zone. Ray Lewis’ pregame slide and thrust ritual. Shawn Merriman’s lights-out dance. But fly fishing after a sack that just about breaks your competitor’s back? Well, that’s what Detroit Lions defensive end Willie Young [...]


Oxnard High Safety Released from Hospital After 19 Days, Brain Surgery & 42 Staples

Oxnard High football player Adrian Padilla, hospitalized since Sept. 16 after suffering a serious head injury and collapsing in a football game at San Luis Obispo High, was released from local Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center here in San Luis Obispo on Tuesday.

BallHyped confirmed his discharge with a staff member at the hospital this evening. His condition was not made public, but Padilla let his social circle know just how excited he was to get back to Oxnard (even though he admitted the pizza in SLO is bomb).

“I’m going home today!”Padilla Tweeted on Tuesday afternoon, his 19th day in the hospital.


Prep Cheerleader Drilled from Behind by Football Player [VIDEO]

This poor cheerleader at San Luis Obispo High School in Calif., was drilled from behind by a flag-wielding football player prior to tonight’s game. On top of the pain, and humiliation that came with the blindside blitz, the video was broadcast repeatedly by the local TV staion. And, of course, we had to share it [...]


Blogger Q&A: College Football Examiner Kevin McGuire

College football season is here, and to get you in the mood we sat down with our blogger of the month and College Football Examiner Kevin McGuire to talk about the early season storylines and running a successful sports blog.

For more great college football and sports blogging insights, give him a follow on Twitter @kevinoncfb.

Read the Q&A with McGuire.


Fantasy Mock Draft 2011

Here’s a look at the BallHyped team’s fantasy mock draft for 2011. The league is a standard, 10-team league, with starting lineups using QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, WR/RB, TE, K, Def.: Round 1 1. Arian Foster (Hou – RB) Team 1 2. Michael Vick (Phi – QB) TEAM 2 3. Adrian Peterson (Min [...]


Pac12.com goes from Gangsta Rap to Tea Party Pranksta Rant

So I’m heading to Los Angeles for a blogging conference next weekend, and figured I’d log on to the Pac-12 website to see if there weren’t any football games I could ditch the afternoon presentations for on Saturday.

Like many Pac-12 fans, I typed Pac12.com into my browser and was sickened to find the website had been converted into a Tea Party fan page, with dozens of links to content supporting TeaParty.org, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin. You heard right, they went from Pac to Sarah freakin’ Palin.

At first I was shocked, then I recalled a story we broke in February about the Pac-12 Conference (previously the Pac-10) and the www.Pac12.com domain owner, Utah’s Austin Linford, (we didn’t name the owner previously, but after he sold out to the tea party, who cares now!) butting heads over the domain.

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