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MLB Salary Cap Pitch: Time to Level the Playing Field

By now it’s old news that the Boston Red Sox made a major power play at the Major League Baseball winter meetings.

Spoiler alert for those who missed the news: Days after trading with the San Diego Padres for slugging first baseman Adrian Gonzalez and “signing” him to a lucrative long-term an extension, Boston shelled out a similar deal for free-agent outfielder Carl Crawford.

The Sox had to do something to show their rabid fan base, and the American League East, that missing the playoffs wasn’t acceptable. Point taken.


BCS Fails Again: When Will We Finally Get A Playoff?

Contrary to popular belief, the BCS hasn’t been clear cut since 2005-06 when Texas rolled into Pasadena and beat the hometown Trojans. … and now it’s time to stand up for a playoff.


Poll of the Week: Who Deserves a BCS Title Shot?

Who deserves to be in the BCS Championship Game if the season ended today? Pick the two teams in our poll of the week.


Top 25 Highest Paid Players in MLB … and Who’s Not Worth it

Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher Hiroki Kuroda was the 25th highest-paid pitcher in baseball last season.


That puts him two and three spots below Roy Halladay and Chris Carpenter, respectively. The latter are two of the best pitchers and from the looks of it severely underpaid if Kuroda is in the same neighborhood as them.

Simply put, Hiroki Kuroda, you’re good, but you’re not THAT good. You’re not $15 million good.

But I don’t think you’re the only over-paid player on this top-25 list.


BallHyped MLB Salary Report: Big Money Lands Players, Not World Series in 2010

Editor’s note: BallHyped plans on running salary figures and commentary after the end of each season because, let’s be honest, it’s rather fascinating to see the Yankees spend $100.4 million between four players and fail to make it to the World Series. By Erick D. Smith The New York Yankees spent close to $100.4 million [...]

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