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BallHyped Blogger Q&A: Predominantly Orange’s Take on Tebow’s Mile High Magic

It’s been awhile since we last caught up with Denver Broncos blogger Kim Constantinesco, of Predominantly Orange, so we thought this would be as good a week as any as the Broncos prepare for this weekend’s playoff game against the New England Patriots. Constantinesco has been covering the Broncos closely all season and is credentialed [...]


A _______ National Championship

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’ve left the names in our beat reporter’s recap of tonight’s “National Championship” blank, because us curmudgeon editors feel it’s not a championship game as defined by every other major professional and collegiate team sport in North America. Until there’s a playoff, we say [blank] the national championship. Congratulations _______! NEW ORLEANS — [...]


Mr. Mean ain’t Mr. Clean: Dahl F-Bomb Broadcast over Stadium PA, National TV

St. Louis Rams guard Harvey Dahl is already regarded as one of meanest players in the NFL, and during Sunday’s game against the Cincinatti Bengals we heard why. After being flagged for holding in the second half, Dahl went after the officials and even dropped an F-bomb that was not only picked up by the [...]


Black Friday Deals for Sports Fans

So this is a sports blog and all, but I know the bloggers and sports fans who visit BallHyped.com also geek out on tech gadgets and Black Friday deals this time of year. I know I’m already filling out my gift list of gadgets as we speak, preparing for the holiday season, so I thought [...]


Lee Corso Drops an F-Bomb

Lee Corso didn’t just drop on a mascot head and a pick on the Houston GameDay crowd today, Corso dropped an F-bomb on them as well. Corso was so hyped on his pick of the unbeaten Houston Cougars that the analyst blurted out an F-bomb live on ESPN as he tossed aside an SMU megaphone [...]


Urban Meyer to Ohio State? Not yet anyway

Urban Meyer isn’t going anywhere … for now. After declining comment about the Ohio State football head coaching position rumors earlier this week, Urban Meyer addressed the speculation Saturday during ESPN’s broadcast of the Michigan-Nebraska game and said he has not been offered a head coaching position anywhere. “There’s no truth to that,” Meyer said. [...]


End of the World as We Know It: Tebow Mania Reaches New Height Against Jets

I’m no Harold Camping, but I warned the blogosphere this day would come. One month ago to the day to be exact, but that was only because the world was ending three days later, so I felt my ludicrous claims that Tim Tebow would win as a starter in Denver would get lost in a [...]


Penn State Player Reaction on Twitter: “Yaw ready to riot!!!”

A couple years ago, Joe Paterno made it clear he wasn’t a fan of Twitter. Now we know why. A look at some Penn State player reaction on Twitter following his firing on Wednesday: Penn State junior tackle Nate Cadogan, like many players, was upset about the way Paterno was fired and how he’s been [...]


Joe Paterno Fired

Joe Paterno Fired Joe Paterno was fired on Wednesday night shortly after 10:15 p.m. Eastern by the Penn State Board of Trustees amid the child-abuse scandal involving one of his former assistant coaches. The news not only sent shock waves through college football and Penn State, but it also led to student riots and a [...]


World Series Live Blog: Game 1, Texas Rangers vs. St. Louis Cardinals

BallHyped Blogs hosted a live blog for Game 1 of the World Series between the Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals. Along with game coverage, banter and comedic relief, the blog featured previews, predictions and Q&As with some of BallHyped.com’s best baseball bloggers. BallHyped Live Blog – World Series Game 1

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